A Cow-rious Date

"It's okay, really. I have plenty of space." Jen said, reaching across the table to hold Rachel's hand. It could just about fit around one of Rachel's fingers.

Jen could hardly believe her eyes. Across the table from her sat the biggest cowgirl she had ever seen. Not the bustiest. The BIGGEST. She must have been easily 12 feet tall (and almost as wide)! Even taking up both sides of her seat, she was still hanging half a leg out. Jen wondered if most men would be afraid or feel dominated by her. Jen, however, didn't feel the least bit afraid of her. In fact, Jen felt almost starstruck by the behemoth of a woman across from her.

She rubbed Rachel's finger a little, watching the cowgirl smile a little as the redness faded from her cheeks.

"Should we order something?" Jen asked.

"Uh... sure." Rachel said, tucking a bit of stray hair behind her ear. A waitress came over, trying with all her strength not to stare at Rachel.

"Could I have... mm... a cheeseburger and a diet coke?" Jen said.

"Uh, could I get the triple bacon cheeseburger with a side of fries, onion rings, and chips?" Jen and the waitress stared wide-eyed at her. "Oh, and a diet coke, please."

Story by WhosThisGuyEh
Artwork by Shonemitsu, Slasher

High resolution (3509x2550)

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