A Tall Glass of Rich, Hot Coco

Ever since she was a child, Coco knew that something was off about her. Mainly that whenever she got too hot, she seemed to sweat... A LOT. While she was thankful for her lack of unpleasant body odours and grew to be tall, dark, and curvaceous, she had always been self conscious of her "sweat" problem.

Things only grew worse during the heatwave of her 20th birthday, when she woke up to find herself oozing out of bed and onto the floor as a thick, deep-bronze puddle.

It was then that her parents told her the truth. Her father had fallen in love with an intelligent slime and she was their offspring. Coco was a slime-human hybrid. While she always had and would continue to look human (if perpetually oiled), she never did inherit the pigment changing or mimicry abilities of her mother.

Looking herself over in her full length mirror, she became fascinated by the way her ample chest jiggled and overflowed her bra as she poked and prodded the ever-flowing globs of glossy skin-coloured ooze running down her form to the puddles her feet had become. Somehow, her body maintained a mostly human-shaped frame. It would take her some time to figure out how to “tighten herself up"...

...but for some reason, all she could do was smile.

Story by GummyWriter
Artwork by inksGirls

High resolution (3300x5100)

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