Best Laid Plans

Every plan is perfect... until something goes wrong.

You had spent weeks meticulously planning. You knew the guard change schedules, their patrol routes, where they kept the cell keys, and even knew how to take them out. Things went smoothly as you took the key from the guard, and tricked the next one into getting close enough to your cell to knock him out. You threw his shell into the corner and locked the cell behind you. Now you just needed to get past the sparse patrols and out of the fortress. Hope swelled within you as you made your way down the hall and toward the staircase.

Suddenly, a cell door slams. HARD. Had the guard woken up? Even if he had, he should be calling for help, not opening the cell. The footsteps coming toward you were clicking as they made contact with the stone floor, distinctly different from the sound of leather boots you had grown used to, and seemed to come from something much heavier than any guard you had seen down here. Whoever it was, you’d have to take them out, freedom was too close to get caught now. You crouch and press yourself up against the corner as you prepare your attack. The footsteps were still about halfway down the hall, so you took the time to peek around the corner and scout your opponent.

It was her. The one who owned this fortress, the one who had started this war, the one who had taken over the peaceful kingdom.


The twisted horns were a dead giveaway. They curve upwards around her head and glisten almost unnaturally. You briefly wonder how big a hassle it is to maintain something attached to your head that was so massive. How often does her neck get sore? The rest of her was about what the rumors had described. She was indescribably beautiful. Luscious red hair, pulled back into a ponytail, and the most fiery, intense pair of eyes you had ever seen. Her body was like no one else in the entire kingdom. Incredibly tall, bigger than any human you had ever seen, and ample breasts that wobbled just a bit as she walked down the hall. They were crammed into a black dress that showed off a deep valley of cleavage. The only other part of her that was exposed was her arms, showing off her impressive biceps constricted by black, spiky arm bands. A pouffy skirt covered her lower half, but you had to assume her hips and legs were as thick and impressive to hold up her upper half.

She was almost to you. You couldn’t read her expression, but she didn’t seem to notice anything was amiss. Hopefully, you could sucker punch her and take her out. If not, it should distract her enough for you to run past. Here, she is…

She notices you, but not before your uppercut makes contact with her jaw. It’s enough to make her stumble, and you move to escape. As you make it to the corner, you hear a deep breath behind you, and feel a sudden rush of heat go by. You fall backwards before you hit the wall of fire that is now impeding your path. So much for escaping.

“That was a nice one. I haven’t been hit like that since I got rid of…” you see a sinister smirk, as if remembering a satisfying victory. She spits the blood out of her mouth and stomps towards you.

“I hope you have more in you than that, though. It’s been a while since I’ve actually had a decent fight. Don’t get me wrong, I love ruling, but I miss being on the front lines, you know?” She leaps at you, brandishing her sharp black claws and using them to swipe at you. Her blows are powerful, but clumsy, not that it will matter if she backs you into that wall of fire. You dodge a few more attacks, and then roll behind her, giving you more room to work with. As her back is turned, you kick her firmly in that green, spiky shell covering her backside. She grunts, and stumbles forward, almost falling into her own fire trap. She turns back to you, and resumes grinning.

“Just like that. This is the best day I’ve had since I took over this kingdom!” she laughs deeply as she reaches down and grabs hold of her skirt. With a quick jerk, it rips off, exposing her shapely, stocking covered legs and black heels. She reaches back and removes another piece of the material, and a big, scaly dragon tail whips into view. She throws the material away and charges at you, claws again at the ready. You dodge most of her blows, while getting in any that you can. You can’t tell if you’re doing any damage to her, and she doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. She abruptly stops in front of you and whips around.

Her tail.

You evade the attack by jumping over it. You feel a powerful pair of hands grip your arms, and rush you forward. After what feels like forever, you feel the hard stone wall strike your head and back as she carries you into the wall. It’s more than enough to daze you, and you struggle to catch your breath, as she holds you up. Your eyes refocus and you see that grin directly in front of you. Her breath is unnaturally hot, evidence of her dragon-like nature.

“Mmmm, you’re lucky I’m in such a good mood, or else I’d just snap your neck for trying to escape my dungeon!” She laughs cruelly at you once again. “And since I’m in such a good mood from visiting my Peachy, I have something else in mind for you…”

You close your eyes, awaiting disembowelment... or worse. Every second feels like an hour, as the fear of someone else having your life entirely in their hands courses through you. You hear her shuffle around, and suddenly feel something warm and wet on the side of your face. You open your eyes in shock. She’s stroking your cheek with her tongue, and as you look down, you notice she’s pulled her dress down, exposing her breasts. They heave rhythmically as she holds you in place up against the wall. There’s a lusty excitement in her eyes as they roam around your body. She finally makes a move, and uses her claws to tear the rags that you were your pants away from your body. She tosses you on the ground behind her, and you bounce slightly from the force. It’s enough to stop you from getting up and running.

She kneels down, and straddles your torso. This whole situation is beyond what you could have ever imagined your encounter with Bowsette to be like. Seeing her above you, delicately sucking on one of her fingers as she decides how to proceed, fills your head with lewd thoughts. She moves backwards, and her ass makes contact with your hardening member.

“Oh, good boy. You knew exactly what I wanted.” She turns around and straddles you in a reverse position, and lowers herself until her chest is even with your belly. You feel a rough hand grasp and rub your member, attempting to finish bringing you to full arousal. The same warm, wet tongue that was on your face earlier, envelops your penis. It’s almost too hot, any more and you would probably start to cook. Meanwhile, her lower body is hovering just above your face. You thought her ass would be big, but it was absurdly so. Her own arousal was also evident; you could see the heat coming off of her pussy. As she lowered herself closer to your face, you could feel sweat forming on your brow. It wasn’t just the sexual contact warming you up. Her entire body felt like you were sitting too close to a campfire.

You hear her grunt, and it reverberates through her entire body. She’s probably tired of being the only one giving any pleasure, so you move your head up so your mouth makes contact with her dripping flower. She was bigger than any human girl, and she had you pinned down, so you did the best you could to stimulate her, which mostly consisted of using your tongue to dance in and around her passage. A softer rumble passes through her body, which you take as a sign of approval and redouble your efforts, praying that if you satisfy her she’ll let you live. Minutes pass as you both use your mouths to pleasure each other. Her reptilian tongue was doing a much better job than you, as you had to stop yourself from climaxing more than once, and you had only managed to elicit a few soft rumbles and growls from her.

She sits up, seeming to be done playing with you, and turns so that she is facing you again. She raises her hips up and moves her upper body down, pressing her ample bosom against your chest. She grins up at you as you feel her impale herself onto you, and raise herself back up. Fully inside of her, you could swear you could feel your dick melting from the heat of her insides. Her inner walls were incredibly slick, and surprisingly tight for a creature so large. You could just barely feel a pleasurable sensation through the heat, letting you know that your member was at least still there.

She began to ride you, hard, her hips grounding yours into the ground. Your dick feels some relief when she rises up and the cool air rushes around it, before it is once again plunged into her volcanic insides. Your finally free your arms from underneath her, and they rush to her plump hips. Your fingers sink into her heated, chocolate colored flesh. You hear her groan above you, and slow her rhythm. She reaches down, grabs your arm, and shoves your hands into her breasts, before speeding up again. You grip them tightly, and focus on how your hands almost disappear into them. Human girls definitely couldn’t measure up to whatever this cup size is. You let your mind wander a bit, finishing before her could mean certain death.

She lets out a gasp, and you see a small tuft of flame come out with it. Her rhythm changes again, faster, more erratic, harder blows into your hips. Your hands shoot back to her hips, attempting to keep some leverage on this amazon gyrating above you. Her face is twisted in pleasure, and she begins to grope and knead her own breasts. She stops abruptly and you feel her tighten around you.

“Fuck, yes!”

Her pussy squirms around your dick, as she rides her orgasm. She’s somehow gotten even hotter inside, and the heat is just about the only thing you can feel as you feel your cock begins to cum inside her. It feels like ejaculating into furnace, as the pain drives the pleasure you feel further. Bowsette shakes above you, her own pleasure seemingly endless, even as your cock begins to slow the expulsion of seed into her. Your breath returns to you, and you open your eyes to see her still writhing above you. If any human came for this long, their brain would probably be fried afterward. You briefly try to wiggle out from underneath her while she is distracted, but she’s in a whole other weight class compared to you. You have no choice but to wait for her to finish. Only when your dick is thoroughly flaccid, does she seem to return to her senses. She looks down and sees your staring at her, causing a blush to rise to her cheeks. She clears her throat and begins speaking.

“Not bad, human. Your dick was quite, um, adequate.” She stands up and tries to adjust her disheveled appearance. “Your fighting skills were much more impressive. Why don’t you join my army? Competent soldiers are so hard to find. Or I can grant you a quick, painless death for trying to escape my fortress. Doesn’t matter to me either way, but I’m feeling generous.”

She reaches her hand down to help you up. If you take it, you’d be betraying everything you fought for, but what point is there to dying with pride in some dungeon? Your hand twitches, and you hesitate, wondering what to do next...

Story by MrBenjamin2006
Artwork by Wolfgee

High resolution (3300x5100)

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