Bunny Madness

Medusa Gorgon was a name that immediately cultivated snake imagery in one's brain. In a world where there were many different types of magic, that's the one Medusa learned how to use: snake magic. Twisting, curving, biting, and venomous, her motions and words were the precursor to her being a villainous woman that would shake the world to its core and threaten the sanity of every person, weapon, and witch who lived on the planet. Her machinations would drive her own child to madness, cause untold death, and trap the moon eternally in shadow.

That's how the story was meant to go.

Except, something changed one day in Medusa's formative years, when she came across a bunny rabbit instead of a king cobra one day. From then on, Medusa trained herself in the arcane ways of rabbits. Certain animal-based magics weren't inherently bad, or good, or strong, or weak. There were users of toad magic. Cat magic. Spider, scorpion, chameleon. All able to get as strong as the others, it just depended on the user. But bunny magic changed Medusa, and it changed her quickly.

Magic tended to shift the way a witch's body looked in time. She may find herself more attuned to wearing black if she found herself studying bat magic. Or growing claws if they chose tiger magic. Medusa's change came in the shape of two fuzzy bunny ears that sprouted above her head, and kept growing the longer she studied, and the older she became.

Her demeanor changed. Bunnies were soft and cuddly. Medusa's edges were worn down bit by bit as the years went on. Her usual dark blonde hair turned a more vibrant gold. Medusa normally wore it in a spiral braid around her front, but as she grew softer and gentle, the brain unraveled, though she never let the length get cut away. Eventually she shifted from the braid into two enormous, poofy pigtails.

The young woman's clothing shifted as well. Initially she believed it to be part of her plan to become a nurse in order to sneak into the academy where the most powerful people in the world worked... but that didn't explain why she felt the need to switch to heels, or the flustered way she blushed whenever a hunky hot stud came into the nurse's office to get a check-up. The worst part was keeping herself disguised, not able to show off her bunny ears or tail for fear that she'd get caught.

Medusa's biggest change came in the form of her figure. In every other reality, she was a lithe, yet decently-chesty babe. A seductress more fit for modelling, rather than villainous plots. Cup size after cup size she blossomed, her breasts swelling up like daffodils blooming in springtime. Her hips widened to make a better breeding vessel, with her backside plumping up to balance out the constantly-encroaching bosom the blonde carried. It took only a year before the woman was unable to see her feet (as dainty as they were), but her boobs kept inflating with puffy bunny magic, acting almost like a reservoir for her arcane abilities.

At one point, Medusa did manage to catch sight of her feet beyond her bust. But only for a few days before her bosom eclipsed them once again. It was the only glimpse she got of how her feet had transformed into huge, pink, bunny paws. Her big toe alone was the size of a plum, with the soft, pink, furry foot spreading more than two feet out in front of her. After a while, she found herself walking on tiptoes naturally, which not only made her look taller, but had the added benefit of working out her calf muscles at all times, improving the sultry nature of her legs.

The witch's brain was unsuited for bunny magic but she kept making it work, studying and practicing whenever she could. It molded her mind with thoughts of pink and happiness. Until one day, the witch realized that she didn't need to be a villain and rule the world. She just needed to be a good mother, and friendly, and make everyone happy! It was a simple task, and she knew exactly where to go to best accomplish that. It had been a good time to get out of the academy as well. Her latest improvement in the ways of bunny magic came in the form of two huge, oversized incisors. The cute buck teeth kept sticking out and she soon realized she'd rather keep them, instead of trying to hide them. There was a restaurant in town that usually had some seedy individuals, but she knew her perkiness and glee would make everyone's day, so she left her nursing gig, became a waitress, and couldn't have been happier.

Medusa was dressed from head-to-toe in a facsimile of a magical girl ensemble. Her feet still kept keeping themselves poised up on tiptoes, so she chose a big set of heels to support them. Pink high heels; with tiny straps over the top covered in bows, with long white knee-socks that showed off her silky smooth legs. A pink skirt that seemed far too short for her gorgeous gams, puffed out with layer after layer of white, poofy frill under it. Then of course, a pink top that showed off her bountiful cleavage. The center of it was buttoned closed, with white bunny-shaped buttons. A second layer was under the pink, this one white, creating puffy sleeves up around her shoulders.

All of the other waitresses at the restaurant she worked out of were attractive and wearing outfits that were meant to show off their bodies, but Medusa had gone in a very different direction... which was to their benefit. With Medusa's figure out-sizing them all, if she had worn something more 'sexy' than 'cute', she'd have stolen all of their tips. Even if she had, it wouldn't have been done out of maliciousness. Every bad bone in Medusa's body had been scrubbed clean by the soothing power of bunny fluff.

It was evident in her cheerful smile that she had no trace of malice left in her body. She served customers with the widest of grins, always happy to get compliments on her figure, or the way her pigtails were so long that they nearly extended to the floor. Her bunny ears were large and cute, as well as her beautiful puff-ball that stuck out through her skirt right above her booty. Medusa constantly beamed with child-like innocence. Medusa's eyes, which had once been yellow and reptilian, were pink, heart-shaped pupils inside magenta irises. Even her soul was pink, adorned with bunny ears, and always smiling.

"Coming right up!" she said to a customer after taking their order. She giggled and turned around, giving her hips a giddy shake to make her butt jiggle as she went to place the ticket at the kitchen. It was hard to believe what kind of power Medusa could have had... or, more accurately, still had. The only reason she was this beautiful bunny-woman was due to her magic being untapped. All one had to do was take a look at her bestest friends to see what kind of spells Medusa was capable of pulling off, even as ditzy as she seemed. Eruka and Mizune had never practiced bunny magic at all, so there was only one explanation for why they craved carrots every day, and why their froggy and mousy features had vanished in place of soft, pink, fuzzy bunny bits.

Story by BioYuGi
Artwork by Rosita Amici

High resolution (3751x5613)

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