Dusky Dahlia

Past the pine forest, just on the outer fringes of a bustling village, there awaits the Dusky Dahlia. A den of depravity or a humble hub for thirsting throats; the lodging hosts all and welcomes instinctual indulgence. Of course, all within reason; the bartender itself being a beacon of steadiness amidst even the raunchiest of times. Be it by tap or patrons, fluids ceaselessly flow in this tavern, even past serving hours until the glowing dawn.

Besides its infamous reputation, however, the drinks themselves have a reputation of their own. Some rumor that she spikes each and every concoction with a drop of addicting Alraune nectar. Others speculate magic in the works. In any case, all agree that her drinks send a delicious warmth down every throat, inciting those to carnal desires. Shaken, stirred, plain or mixed: every drink is a distinct, unique flavor custom tailored by a guess of her own, and more often than not Lynae reads her guest right on.

Now while the locals know of its wild weekends, the wooden floors littered with copulating customers and viscous lust alike, they also know of her own appetite. Past her veiled smile and her warm eyes lurks a beast untamed. "Behind the stick", as she calls it, her duty above all else. However, when the drinks run dry and she's done for the day, whatever prey awaits may simply find her claws pinning them down, slimy Night-gaunt essence seeping in their clothes. And, just before a frenzied night, the Night-gaunt herself as she slowly unbuttons that stifling vest while those tight, semi-transparent spats of hers struggle to keep down a rising 'secret' of hers.

But rumors are rumors, and those that can tell the tale simply repeat Lynae's own words: "Visit the Dusky Dahlia, and let those desires blossom~"

Story by Fyevo
Artwork by r2roh

High resolution (3300x5100)

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