I Dream of Vivi

Nefertari Vivi was, above all things (including her status as the Princess of Alabasta), a kind, loving, free-spirited girl. But she was quite reserved about her body, which wasn't a bad trait for a princess to have.

That changed on the fateful day she ate a Devil Fruit. It was completely on accident. The Devil Fruit was brought to her father as a gift and, due to some fumbling on Karoo's part, she'd eaten a piece of it. The transformation was almost immediate and Vivi blushed pink as she hid her more revealing form.

It took her a few days to get used to the transformations, but what she was really experimenting with was how fluid her form was and how she could alter what people saw. She'd tried simple things at first. An eye color change here, a few inches taller or shorter there, and so far no one had really noticed, aside from her father and those who knew her very well. With the Djinni side of her pushing forward a more mischievous side, she decided to go big or go home today.

First, she'd assumed her Djinni form, scantily clad outfit and all, and focused on her chest. She imagined them filling up like air into a balloon... and slowly but surely, her bosom blossomed beautifully. While her original bust was still very healthy, her new tits were a large size that surpassed the width of her shoulders. Plus, due to her half-smoke state, they felt weightless to her, but still jiggled like they were 100% real. She moved onto her booty next, filling up her glutes until they matched the width of her new tits. She smiled as she looked herself over in a mirror and was greeted with the sight of a perfectly oversized hourglass figure. It looked a bit silly, but she knew it'd draw eyes.

It wasn't quite enough. She wanted one more thing to complete the look. As she puckered her lips in thought, it hit her. She puckered her lips again, and popped them out, making them plump up as well. Her bottom lip was a slightest bit thicker than her top one, giving her a cute pouty look. She smiled, her lips parting a small bit in the center and making a small o-shape as she quickly made up her face, using a blue that complimented her hair for her eye shadow and lipstick.

She started sauntering through the palace, looking for someone to surprise. Eventually, she did find someone and turned on the charm. She started giving the man bedroom eyes, posed for him to show off her figure, and blew him a kiss. "Do you want some wishes granted, mister?"

Story by SoraWolf7
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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