Kyra's New Horizon

Kyra dared not blink as she stared out over the city. The setting sun set the sky on fire with color, and she couldn't help but be entranced by the sheer size of the city. It was absolutely massive, and her large tail tightened against the cold metal of the pole she had coiled it around. There were certainly no buildings like this tower where she came from. Her home had been a small village with others like her, not the small tail-less people who wandered this realm.

Well, that wasn't really home anymore, was it? She had been banished from there, thrown through a portal, and ended up in this concrete jungle.

Still, it had its own beauty to it. Giant buildings dwarfed even the mightiest of trees, and metal machines zoomed through the streets, their mechanical sounds filling the air. Kyra closed her eyes for a moment as the wind blew through her long white hair, basking in the twilight.

No, this was her home now... and she couldn't wait for her next adventure!

Story by Symbiobro
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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