The Monster's Night...

Ever since Monster Girls revealed themselves to the world, things had been... "hectic" to say the least.

There wasn't any problem with adjusting to human society. Most humans accepted them pretty easily, in fact. The main problem was libido.

As strange as it was, Monster Girls had a terribly high libido. While it was possible to control themselves, the discomfort they felt from doing so wasn't very welcome.

So, there was a simple solution: have more sex!

It started slow; Monster Girls just sleeping with guys, but things escalated fast. Soon enough, orgies became a common event. It felt like the world was becoming happier, in a weird way.

But, then there were the minorities.

Some humans are gay. It's a fact. So, it really shouldn't have been surprising to discover gay Monster Girls.

And it really shouldn't have taken this long to set up an orgy for them. The number of women willing to sleep with a monster girl, was not small.

I took it upon myself to arrange this orgy. Of course, I wasn't going to pass up on an opportunity to join in on it.

I invited my girl as well.

Gotta admit. It's pretty fun.


I'd do it again.

Story by SV-Writer
Artwork by Vincenzo Pietropaolo, Slasher

High resolution (4833x7184)

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