Verse Has a "Fun" Day

I didn’t really want to go to the market today, but Hilda and our guardian insisted that it would be ‘fun.’ Walking along and trailing behind them, I was now browsing the things the stall owners were selling. Hilda loudly yelled about something cute in the distance. She will no doubt later try and convince me how adorable it is.

The current stall I'm in front of is run by an old lady. She is smiling at me and motions for me to browse the trinkets she has for sale. Several of them are very crude, but she does have a selection of what my guardian calls "key-chains" that are dangling with all sorts of designs. The next stall over is selling brightly colored t-shirts of pink, green, or yellow. Some of them have phrases or images (all of them related to Minotaurs because that is one of the island's staple attractions... though we sadly hadn't met any yet).

Hearing Hilda call for me, I turn around and notice some figures made out in the shape of people. I notice a gruff man with a large beard behind them (with what looks like a small forge of some kind behind him) situated at the crossroads of the stalls and the next corridor of shops to browse. I can see Hilda waving at me to come over, but I can’t stop looking at the figurines. They're short... and they're either humans or other random Liminals dressed in bits of armor and wielding a wide variety of weapons. In the off-center of the statues is a smaller version of what appears to be me... or at least a multi-legged skeletal metal Liminal of some type, wearing a large shield and holding a lance. The figure is wearing a crude, loose fitted helmet made out of what appears to be leather.

“Interested, miss? “ The man waddles up to me and smiles warmly. The sweat and soot all over his body mark him as the owner of these trinkets. “I would like to purchase this fine art, yes! “ I suddenly realize that, in my earnestness to buy this thing that had sparked my first real feeling of amazement, I had shouted quite loudly. So, to compensate, I whispered a question very softly before he can say anything. “How much?”

I finally catch up with Hilda and our guardian, carrying my prize from the day's journey. "What's in the bag? " Hilda asks. "I found something I liked, so I bought it. Now I don't know about you all, but I'm feeling hungry! Shall we find a cafe?"

We then head off for another adventure...

Story by Ultimateforeveralone
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (5100x3300)

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